Report a Suspicious Scheme

Have you come across any activity involving collection of money with promise of high returns? It may be a possible fraud or a scam.

If any suspicious scheme is flourishing and you know anything about it, then do report about it.

Any information that you can provide about any fraud or scam could help in taking proactive steps and such schemes can be stopped before others fall victim to them.

Personal Detail

Details of the Scheme

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Disclaimer : All personal information provided will be kept confidential. We will not disclose your personal information to anywhere.

Filing Guidance and Confidentiality:

a. What Information Should I Provide in the Form?

Your submission shall be addressed based on the accuracy and completeness of the information received.

The critical information that is required to take further action includes:

  • A description of the scheme, company/agency its contact information , details of the people involved in the collection of money, or making publicity of any such scheme,.
  • Any other relevant information, documentation or proof you may have.

Any information you do provide must be truthful to the best of your knowledge or belief.

b. What Happens After I Send Information to the IEPFA?

Information received by the Authority would be scrutinized on the basis of details provided, proofs attached, and authenticity of the information would be ascertained The matter may be refer to appropriate law enforcement organisation/ regulatory authority for further necessary action, if required.
The confidentiality about the details of the person reporting shall be maintained.

c. Know more about fraudulent schemes:

  • Fraudsters generally float various schemes in the market to collect money from gullible investors with a promise of high returns or guaranteed profits. Some of the well-known types of such schemes are Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid Schemes or High-Yield Investment Programs, Collective Investment Scheme etc.
  • Their operational methods may vary based on the type of the scheme and such fraudsters often trap investors through a chain of agents/promoters who are recruited specifically for collecting money by giving false promises.
  • Some schemes form a chain of members and if you invest money in the scheme, you also become one of the members of the company/agency and a specific percentage commission is promised if a member is able to bring more members.
  • Schemes collapse when it becomes difficult to attract new investors/members and inflow of money stops or when a large number of investors ask their money back.